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Exhibiting Made Easy. Our goal is to make your exhibition experience as easy as possible. We achieve this by delivering you excellent service, a great range of furniture, decor, accessories and equipment. Below you will find some of the information that may be relevant to your exhibition and other information about being an exhibitor and what you are required to do when you take part in an exhibition.


Fascia Signage

The Sign at the top of your Booth

Standard exhibition booths feature a 28 letter fascia sign at the front of the booth. We require you to provide the exact text you wish to have printed.

Unless your conference organiser requests alternate signage options, you will have fascia on all open sides of your booth but only 1 of these will be a 28 letter fascia sign. Fascia can also be fully customised with logos, images or specialty font colours so that you stand out from the crowd.

Please review the options in the shop and place your order through our shop.

Walls & Floors

Customise your walls in our online catalogue

Exhibition booths come in 4 different wall and floor styles. You can use only the fixing products listed below on these walls:
1. White Melamine – Blu Tac
2. Grey Front Runner – Male, Hook or Rough Velcro
3. Black Front Runner – Male, Hook or Rough Velcro
4. Tropical Corrugation – Blu Tac

We ask that you DO NOT use tacs, pins, staples, foam tape or double sided tape. Residue left from these adhesives or damage from pins may incur a cleaning charge after the event.

The size of the booth you have ordered will be on the paperwork that you have received from your conference organiser. The dimensions of the internal wall space is available from your exhibitor coordinator at NQ Exhibitions.

You can order alternate wall colours, add graphics or remove walls via our shop.

Lights & Power

Exhibition booths come with:
1 x set of dual 60w spotlights
1 x 10amp power source

The spotlights are directional and are connected together on a track. The track is positioned on the fascia at the front of your booth with the lights shining back onto the contents of your booth.

If you hire a television or refrigerator it will use the power point. You will need to purchase a 4 way board or an additional power point if you require other items to be plugged in to power.

You can easily run several small items on a standard power point. For example, 2 x phone chargers and 1 x laptop. If you needed to run hair straighteners or heating appliances, however, you would need to order additional power points. Please ask us if you require further clarification about your electricity needs.


Exhibitor Help?

Call Us On (07) 4041 2703

Move In - Bump In

When you buy your exhibition sponsorship package you will be provided with your exhibition move in information. These dates and times have been set with the venue and other suppliers. We kindly ask that you please keep within this time for safety, security and operational requirements.

We also recommended that you follow good workplace health and safety practices and wear appropriate clothing (no long flowing material; adequate coverage; and closed in shoes).

We also offer our concierge service. If you would like the benefit of a ‘walk on’ exhibit we can unpack, set up and do all the running around for you. Great for exhibitors who are arriving at the last minute and need the added support.

Move Out - Bump Out

Move out times are also set and we ask that you please do not start to pack up before these times.

Please ensure that rubbish and any collateral you are not taking home is placed into rubbish bins or is arranged for recycling.

Any items or equipment left behind and not claimed will be distributed to local charities and organisations for use.

We hate to see waste, so if we can find a home for items we do our best to do so.

Freight. Waste. Recycling

Your event organiser and/or venue will be able to provide you with the correct shipping information for your goods and collateral.

We always recommend using a reputable courier and labelling your goods clearly with:
• Venue address – include specific delivery information eg. ‘Deliver to Loading Dock’ ‘Delivery Before 4pm’
• Your name, company and contact details.
• Name of your booth (if different from your business/company name)
• Name of your event
• Dates of your event
• Booth, stand or display number


As an environmentally conscious business we do our best to reduce waste and landfill in our region. Being located between two World Heritage listed areas, we are acutely aware of our environmental footprint and would encourage you to consider your impact too.

We encourage you to think about what you will bring to our region and what ways you can decrease your carbon footprint. Can you scale back your printed collateral and instead make use of an e-brochure? Can you decease how much you ship to the region? Can you take advantage of new technology that promotes reusable exhibiting materials instead of one use items? Can you hire as much locally as possible in lieu of purchasing items new?

You can also add a donation to your hire that we then pass onto the local Cairns Turtle Rehabilitation Centre to continue their great work.

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